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Which Binding Method Is Most Popular: Plastic Coil, Wire, Or Comb?

Every binding element has something great to offer. What’s viewed as a downside of any option has more to do with a company’s particular binding needs than with flaws in the element itself.

As companies continue to add on-site document binding, there are trends developing to discover and track which binding elements are being used more than others both in the U.S. and overseas.

The U.S. Winner: Plastic Coil

At this time, plastic coil binding wins the U.S. binding popularity contest. Double loop wire and comb binding are still employed, but plastic coil usage is growing more quickly than any other binding element in the country.

Right out of the gate, plastic coil binding is versatile and easy to use, particularly when paired with modern electric binding machines.

From a purely functional standpoint plastic coils are simple to assemble, and can quickly bind up to 300 pages using spiral book binding machines. Finished documents can lay flat as well as fold back on themselves (360 degree rotation). The plastic resists crushing and other damage, which make it ideal for mailed documents. Plastic coils don’t tangle when placed on the document, and because it’s a continuous bind, pages stay securely in place.

Plastic coil also has some great esthetic contributions as well. It’s available in a variety of colors which often can be matched to your corporate brand or logo as well as varied lengths to handle odd-sized publications. It’s definitely a plus when your binding can help enhance the overall look of your document.

Since most companies are printing smaller documents such as training manuals, annual reports, or financial statement, plastic coil bindings and spiral book binding machines provide exactly what they need. No wonder it has hit the top of the charts.

Double Loop Wire Is First Outside the U.S.

In almost every country outside of the U.S., double loop wire (sometimes called double-o-wire) is the most used binding element.

Just like plastic coil, this element creates documents that can both lay flat and rotate 360 degrees and binding is permanent. As with plastic coil, this wire comes in many different colors and lengths and is easy to apply with electric binding machines.

There are some additional options for double loop wire which can make it more attractive than plastic coil. This includes an option to hide the binding element with a wrap-around cover, which creates a more finished look. However, just the exposed wire binding has a professional look that’s different from plastic coil or comb elements.

While double loop wire is currently the element of choice outside the U.S., the latest trends indicate that plastic coil binding is making its way into this market. And who doesn’t like having a choice?

Comb Binding Still A Popular Third

Before plastic coil and double loop wire, there was the one that started it all: comb binding. This versatile binding element is still popular worldwide but is fast losing ground to the newer binding methods.

Comb binding still has a lot to offer, particularly the ability to be opened so document pages can be added or removed and then closed again, saving the cost of a new binding. The comb can also be printed with a document title or company name.

Regardless of the trends, the binding method you’ll find most popular is the one that meets your specific requirements.

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